About Us

Author: GS  

Retro Surf Co was born from a love of surf culture, art & music.

Our aim is to share and appreciate the craftmanship and artistic genius of the designers, shapers and artists of years gone by. These masters crafted their works of art from blown foam, glass, resin and some draped their boards in mind blowing artworks. Skill, patience and imagination created these objects of desire to rebalance the world of mass produced boards built purely by machine.  

Riding them makes you feel GOOD

Admiring their shape and beauty is an infinite pleasure ...  

Admire, enjoy and be a board custodian for this generation and those to come. 

There's many other ways to enjoy surf history.

Whether you want to wear some classic surf inspired gear, hang some amazing artwork on your wall for all to admire or expand your mind by reading about the birth and continuing momentum of surf culture.

Along with all the surf related gear you'll also find some truly beautiful aboriginal artworks.

So what's the connection between retro surf equipment and aboriginal art?

The passion for aboriginal art began over 40 years ago, growing up as a kid in the Top End of Australia. Surrounded by nature and the ancestors of those who've inhabited our country for over 40,000 years I came to love the culture and the incredible skill of the artists which continues today. So the only connection really is that they make me feel good and I hope they do the same for you.       

Inside you're sure to find something to bring a smile to your face and more happiness to your life ...  

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